Birth Rehearsal Class

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Come with your partner to this birth rehearsal workshop to deepen your understanding, enhance confidence and equip you with the skills to ‘go with’ the birthing process. It will provide a chance to explore in more detail specific yoga moves and breathing techniques that could help you during labour.

We will understand the pelvis, optimal foetal positioning, useful positions and movements for labour and birth. Plus practice breathing techniques and practical interventions and comfort measures specifically designed for labour. Your partner will have an active role and learn how to help support you during the big day/night. The session will close with a deep relaxation and visualisation. Plenty of time for questions and discussions and a chance to meet other couples in your area.

It is also possible to come without your partner. To book just for yourself contact me on:

St Matthias Church, Friars Stile Road
TW10 6PN

Private Birth Rehearsal: It is also possible to organise a private birth rehearsal session for you and your partner or as a small group. Please get in contact for more detail:

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